Bathrooms tend to be one of the most expensive rooms in the home, because they need t be fitted out with faucets, fixtures, tiles and sanitary ware, in addition to any other furniture you may need. But often they are overlooked, with not much effort beyond the basic going into them. But, whenit comes to quick reimagining of the bathroom as a living space, it can be very easily made to look luxe and indulgent, without necessarily burning a hole in your pocket or going into elaborate modifications like marble tops, expensive fittings or rain showers. Adding a bit of creativity, bringing in your personality into the space can help create a comfortable, elegant and a special space of your bathroom too.


Tiles are prominent in every bathroom, so it makes sense to work with these. If possible, change them. The market is filled with a range of very innovative and versatile designs and textures. Gone are the days of glossy tiles in a limited range of colours with fast decolouring grout stuck between them. Make use of the advances in sanitaryware and choose basic tiles that mimic fancy finishes that will uplift your bathroom space. Alternatively, if you have plain tiles, you could also consider easy to use and DIY decals to add designs over them.


Walls also occupy a lot of space in a bathroom and like with any other area in the home, bringing in a different coloured wall is a great way to infuse colour (link to tips for working with colour post) or personality to the area. If the bathroom is small, you can choose a paler colour that will add a sense of depth and space. Conversely if the bathroom is large and roomy, add an accent wall in a bright colour to create drama. This is a great budget idea because working with a single wall costs much lesser than doing-over the entire room.

Once the surface of your wall is done, you can further spruce it up by adding wall art. Beautiful decals or framed art make for great additions. You can choose from a range of aesthetics – from classy and understates to chic and modern to quirky or humorous.


What’s a bathroom without a mirror? But more than just a looking glass, mirrors come handy in creating a sense of space. Especially with smaller bathrooms, a large, appropriately placed bathroom can make the area look much larger than it is. Likewise, smaller, tastefully placed mirrors with interesting and artistic frames also add a quaint touch.

Other accessories

Why should your bathroom be devoid of that little extra touch of beautification that you might lend to the rest of your home? Liven up window sills with small potted plants, bring ventilator louvers to life with hanging plants, use bright curios or colourful jars and soap pots to enhance counter tops. Bathroom cubbies for make-up and other things that need storage, baskets for napkins and cosmetics, bright bathroom linen like towels and bathmats are also easy ways to bring in colour.For an additional sense of luxury, candle, tea lights, aroma oil diffusers and flowers will do the trick, but use these with caution to ensure you’re safe from fire hazards.

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