The mere mention of an Interior Designer brings images of lavish, picture perfect homes straight out of Pinterest or upmarket decor magazines to mind. While those are very well the work of design professionals, they do not constitute the entire spectrum of what is possible when you work with an interior designer. Interior design isn’t only for the wealthy, and in fact it is possible to make a home like those featured on the pages of decor magazines,on a budget as well. And that is precisely the job that calls for a professional. It is entirely possible to engage an interior designer for a specific job and a specific budget and work within it. In fact, this will actually have a better result on your finances, than if you were to try and get the job done yourself.

When you engage a professional interior designer, they bring with them years if experience, expertise, intelligence and sensibilities that know how best to work to a brief, how best to use space efficiently and which materials to use to bring a client’s ideas and requirements to life. Many think this is an extreme indulgence or an unnecessary luxury. But there are several ways to make a gorgeous home working within a budget. For example, if your budget or taste doesn’t allow for expensive art on the walls, you could opt for a quality print of an iconic painting orchoose a wallpaper that adds charm and character to the room. Sometimes a splash of colour in the form of a bright piece of furniture, a single wall or a rug can do the trick just the same.

There are many misconceptions about what can be achieved, even on a budget. It all depends on the designer you choose to hire and work with, the space you want to revamp and the budget you have allocated for the job. Here are a few guaranteed advantages of working with an interior designer that are sure to keep a check on your budget and finances:

  1. You’ll avoid making costly mistakes, while still achieving the results you want
  2. You can save costs and time by working with your interior designer’s trusted and known contractors and vendors
  3. You’ll be glad for the lessened stress and inconveniences when you have a professional to hand over the entire project to

One thing to remember is that not every designer is perfect for you and same goes for the designer.So take the time to find a designer who understands what you need and whose work and design ethic match yours. It is worth investing some effort in the due diligence to find a good fit – see some sample homes, ask for testimonials and check around before you zero in on a designer for your home. Ultimately, the designer’s involvement goes into every little detail and they will do more than just help choose colours, furniture and fixtures. So it is important that they understand your requirements and act as the best liaison between you and the various contractors who will bring the whole project to fruition,to the very last detail. This is essentially what adds value to an interior design project. Given our ever increasingly busy lives, time is precious. Choosing a professional designer who can manage the entire design process from the word go, till the very end, will save you a lot of time, effort and most importantly money. The convenience of that is invaluable.

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