If you came here looking for ideas to redo you’re the room of your teenager child’s bedroom, it’s probably true that the nursery or playroom you once painstakingly put together is now outgrown. Like with children themselves, the room they occupy needs to grow and evolve as rapidly. It also becomes a space to reflect their current likes, dislikes, trends and ideas.

A good pace to begin when considering remodelling or even changing around a teenagers bedroom, is to think about the bedroom from their perspective. It’s going to be worlds different from the way you would like to think of their bedroom! Give close thought to their likes and dislikes, current needs for space (this will impact storage and other ideas) and maybe even involve them or have a chat with them to discuss what they’d like their room to be like.

Some key tips:

  • For the design-conscious teenagers of today who know exactly what they want, your assistance and involvement in getting a new room together will be much appreciated. Most teenagers will look for a room that’s a little older than their childhood room, but that still carries a light-hearted and young vibe.
  • Regardless of size, the key to designing a teen’s bedroom would be to consider the functions it needs to fulfil, specific to their age. They’re going to use the room a lot – to do everything from lounging for long hours, to studying and focusing on projects, hanging out with friends, as well as storing all their growing interests and artefacts – whether sports equipment or school things.

With this in mind, here are some easy changes you can introduce that will liven up any teens room:

  1. Create a multi-purpose space demarcating (where possible) areas for lounging, study and sleeping. When working with limited space, try and move vertically. Create storage space overhead, and use collapsible tables or beds where possible.
  2. Create a cosy and comfortable space with a writing table and chair that is inviting and encourages them to work at the table.
  3. Create walk-in cupboards which can be changed around as they grow older
  4. Wall mounted beds or trundle beds are a great space saver when creating multi-purpose rooms.
  5. Pick furniture ideas that can double up as storage pieces too. This is especially useful and gives you maximum use of each piece, when dealing with growing teens.
  6. Go bold on the walls to add pops of colour that will bring in a young and vibrant vibe to the room. You could choose from a range of delightful wallpapers, or plain old paint to get the desired effect. When you work on accent walls, these can be easily changed as your child grows.
  7. You could also add a walk with a write-on surface. Either a whiteboard decal or blackboard paint that can serve as a space to doodle, make notes and even double up as a study resource
  8. If affordablepaint the air-conditioner, window frames or projectors in different colours to bring in additional colour.
  9. When it comes to furniture and accessories, there is no need to go fancy. Choosing a basic, adorable style can also make a statement and create a warm and welcoming space. Repurpose old furniture from around the house, give it a change in colour and finish to make it suitable for the teen’s room. Choose basic and simple accents that will be usable for many years to come, rather than very age-specific accessories that your teen will surely outgrow.
  10. Lighting plays a big role in livening up a room. Pick a study lamp for the writing table area, maybe a vibrant statement lighting accessory for a corner, or even a large pendant light over the bed can do the trick.

The teenage years are crucial growing years. They’re delicate and demanding at the same time. It’s also a time that most teenagers feel the need for space of their own. So it’s wonderful to be able to give them that space, literally. A room to escape into, a world to create within the safe environs of their home, a room that will give them the freedom to be themselves, express their creativity and create a lifetime of good memories.

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