Manisha has been designing spaces with personality since 2015.

She is a self-taught designer who started off designing her own home in the Mumbai suburbs. She took a bland suburban Mumbai apartment with bad lighting and magicked it into an airy, naturally lit, spacious home for her family of 4. Friends stopping over for lunch or tea were all awestruck by the transformation. Soon enough, through word of mouth, enquiries started trickling in, and Spaces with Personality was born.

Manisha enjoys creating delightful spaces that are warm, comfortable, and livable. She believes every project she takes on should reflect the personality of its occupants. She combines instinct, ingenuity and a sense of humour to deliver her design philosophy. Her unique ability to put herself in her clients’ skin when she designs is reflected in the charm and personality of the finished space.

Manisha offers Interior Design services for Residential, Office and Retail spaces as well as architectural services for Open Plots, Farmhouses and Landscape gardens. A truly original thinker her aethetic sense is not wedded to any style or period making her the perfect curator of your personality and taste. Projects she takes on are always completed within timelines and budget.